The Homeland Security Consulting Group, LLC, relies on a personal touch to develop a comprehensive understanding of your business and its needs. Critical Infrastructure ProtectionDHS SAFETY Act



Whether your company is looking for the liability protections of the DHS SAFETY Act or help in identifying grant opportunities for your customers,The HSCG  can help.

The Homeland Security Consulting Group, LLC partners with other experts in the industry to provide exceptional support across a broad range of specialties. DHS SAFETY Act


Whether working with founder Dr. David McWhorter, or one of our many industry partners, you'll be in good hands.  Since earning his Ph.D in Chemistry at the University of Virginia, Dr. McWhorter has worked on highly technical programs for DoD and DHS. Most recently, Dr. McWhorter spent over six years at the DC-based Catalyst Partners addressing a variety of homeland security issues.

We help public safety and security companies do more business protecting critical infrastructure.


Homeland Security Consulting / DHS SAFETY Act

We identify target customers within the government and in the private sector to help grow your bottom line.

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